We are experts in Made to Measure and offer this service if desired on the Poshwoman collection from the Budapest offices. This service ranges from £100-£1000 in addition to the regular cost of our dresses depending on complexity and workmanship needed.

In some cases, we can send an expert tailor for a visit at your house for an accurate measurement. This home visit service is only offered in the EU and it is based on a telephone arrangement we have agreed with you.

Clients who benefit from this service usually have obvious size differences on bust or hips, or have different areas of their concern which they prefer to work around.

We have our standard size dresses to try on to determine whether you would need this service.
We often can easily adapt the desired style to be ultimately flattering for you by tweaking the design proportionately. For example we can balance out heavier bust areas by simplifying or slightly lowering our necklines.

The made to measure service includes 2 fittings after an initial consultation. We have an in-house pattern cutter and all workmanship is carried out in Budapest. The time frame needed for a made-to measure dress is usually between 4-8 weeks.

On our Ready-to-Wear collection we have standard sizes available of each style ranging from 8-16. If you find you fall between sizes, we offer an alterations service in-house which enables the body measurements to be adjusted.

Simple adaptations can also be tailored to your requirements such as lengthening sleeves or lowering necklines. We have a price chart for this in our boutique.